All applicants to Glory Vel School are required to take an entrance examination so that we may know the strengths and weaknesses of the students. This helps us to plan ahead and where necessary provide appropriate advice.

Parents and Guardians are required to bring along their wards former academic records along to the first interview. Once admitted students will be required to complete registration, provide a copy of the birth certificate or other suitable identification, and pay the school admission fee and other levies. Request for the admission form from the Administrator.

Glory Vel School believes in equal opportunity admission policy which makes it possible for pupils of all ethnic, religious, racial and socio-economic background to enrol at the school but emphasis are placed on the fact that Glory Vel School is a Christian school. The preferred age for admission is (1) one year and above. Pupils and Students of any age being transferred from other schools with proven academic credentials including cumulative records, transfer certificates and good testimonial are admitted after passing admission examination in Maths, English and Science. Admission is very competitive and parents wishing to enrol their children are advised to complete an application form and take the admission examination well in advance.

The Glory Vel School provides outstanding education at an agreeable price. We continue to offer one of the lowest fee structures among Grade A schools in the Kumasi Metropolis.

All fees are due at the beginning of the term; we have an expectation that parents will pay all outstanding fees within a month of the new term.

At Glory Vel School, we do encourage the children to take pride in wearing their school uniform.  We believe that it helps to distinguish us and makes us unique.  It also helps us to identify each other when we are out in the community. Our custom made uniforms are available for purchase from us at the school store at very reasonable prices. Un-prescribed uniforms are not allowed.

The prescribed school uniforms are three. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are days we wear the customised uniform of the school. Wednesday are very special to us so we wear one of the finest which the colour is orange and white. Fridays are slated for PE and other sporting activities.  The dress code should be observed at all times and unauthorized use of any uniform will not be allowed.

Books and Stationery are billed to Pupils and Students yearly for payment on or before reopening of the first term in the academic year calendar to ensure all are well equipped for academic work.